Markets and Services Overview

  • Data analysis and management

    We have capacity and competence to handle both qualitative and quantitative data.

  • Mobile Application development

    Mega Six Mobile Solutions ensures delivery of efficient, portable, timely, budget-conscious and user-friendly well-crafted solutions.

  • Trainings

     Our major training is on Mobile data collection processes, data analysis and any other training on the services we offer.

  • Proffesional research support

     We offer technical support to different researchers and scientists.

  • Systems analysis, design and dev.

    We deliver high quality and secure systems and support services to meet clients’ needs at cost effective prices using agile development process.

  • Branding

    Mega Six Solutions has an integral role in establishing your firm’s identity in PRINT, WEB, OUTDOOR & ELECTRONIC MEDIA.

Specialized Markets and Services

Software Testing

An increasing number of businesses depend on the software for their day-to-day businesses. Billions of dollars change hands every day with the help of commercial software.

Data governance

This discipline embodies a convergence of data quality, data management, data policies, business process management, and risk management surrounding the handling of data.

System quality assuarance

We strive to improve software testing practices and have built a team of software testing experts.

Hardware Installation and Repairs

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professional Research

  •  We offer technical support to different researchers and scientists.

    We provide all necessary data storage and data governance support to researchers and scientists to conduct their research. To add on that we provide technology consultancy for research requirements or study requirements.